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BrushStroke Pets
While most of our BrushStroke Pets are cats -- because we know cats best, we can create a BrushStroke pet of your choice. All pets are for sale. We are in the process of working with PayPal to provide an easy and direct way to pay for them. Our PayPal connection should be up and running on or before June 30, 2008. Meanwhile, contact us if you wish to purchase one of our Brush-Stroke Pets or have a special request.

All BrushStroke Pets are Original Copies of our master artwork. That is, each is hand-brush-drawn ink on paper -- the same fine Caslon watercolor paper that we use for our renderings. Because our BrushStroke pets are individually reproduced by hand, they are never exactly alike. Again, we ask that you respect our copyright and that you do not copy or print our BrushStroke pets.

BrushStroke Pet 5-1
Cat with an Attitude


BrushStroke Pet 5-2
Did you Call?


BrushStroke Pet 5-3
What have You done for Me
in the Last 10 Seconds?

BrushStroke Pet 5-4
I want to be Angry


BrushStroke Pet 5-5


BrushStroke Pet 5-6
This one can be paired
with its reverse self



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