Our Mission / Passion
Our mission is to bring high quality graphics to individuals and small- and mid-size businesses, to enjoy what we are doing, be pleased with the work that we present and make an exceptional living in the process.

Our passion is helping our clients solve problems, whether it is by creating a logo or graphic identity along with business stationery, helping them communicate in a clear, concise and unique manner with their current and potential clients, patients or customers through brochures, flyers, ads, rhymes, SendOutCards or websites, or by providing a unique gift. (Learn more.)

Foreman Graphics has been in business since 1972. The graphics / typesetting / printing business triad has changed a lot over the years. We have fond and not so fond memories of those good/bad old days when pasteup was done by hand with hot wax and rubber cement, when all photography was done on film and when fonts were really lead, and having a choice of 200 fonts in several sizes was a luxury. Next came dedicated computer/photo typesetters, with their need for chemicals and processors. You'll have to take our word for it, but the new computer typesetting / layout programs with which we can go to film directly from our files is, hands down a better, faster, cleaner way to go,

We are one of the few businesses that started out as a one owner/operator business and purposely remained that way. Why? Because we have always felt that personal service is very important. Foreman Graphics is still one of the few places where You Always Talk to the Person Who does the Work. Instead of having employees, we work with other free-lancers and small and very small businesses because we have found that, for the most part, free-lancers and these size businesses have a very large stake in making sure that their client is happy and their client's client is happy with their service and/or product.

We are pleased to say that Foreman Graphics has several network affiliations. Therefore, if you have a problem, need some information, or are just plain stumped, it is very possible that we know someone who can provide the service or information you need. Do not hesitate to email and ask.

Future Goals
It is our plan to continue to give good value to our clients and retain our commitment to our mission statement. As this website is being prepared, we are looking into the possibility of adding 3-dimensional drafting to the services we now offer.

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