For Your Eyes, Only
So you can better judge our work and decide if you believe we are a fit for you and the style for which you are looking, we have included samples of our work on our website. These are an indication of the variety of work that we have done and can do. We ask that you respect our copyright and the copyright of our clients.

Most of the items that you will see are not for sale because they have been sold to our clients and are one-of-a-kind. In the case of our BrushStroke Pets and renderings that we have done to illustrate the look of different types of homes and commercial buildings, signed original, ink-on-paper copies are available for purchase.

Rendering & Portrait Samples
Unless otherwise indicated, the renderings and pet and people portraits shown have been created from photographs. Every ink/pencil stroke was put there by hand.

Logo / Graphic Identity Samples
The logos shown are the actual logos designed for our clients. We ask that you respect our copyright and the copyright of our clients. We show them here so you can see the variety of logos we have designed/created.

Redesigns: Flyers and Brochures
All of the original flyers and brochures are real. They either came in the mail, were handed to us by the person who created them or the person for whom they were created or by a business associate so we could work our magic.

Our SendOutCards Designs
Looking for an easy, fast way to keep in touch with clients, family members, friends and business associates? And, we're sure that other people have forgotten birthdays, anniversaries, or other important days. And do you always send that thank you and those words of appreciation? Now you can. Do you want to join the growing number of people who are Changing Lives One Card at a time? It's easy. If we can do it, you can do it!

BrushStroke Pets
You will note that most of our BrushStroke Pets are cats. That's because we know cats best. And most of them were created as invitation fronts for our annual party to thank clients and friends.

Rhyming Introductions, etc.
All our rhymes are original.

Renderings Logos Redesigns Cards Pets Rhymes

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