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Sample Page Four -- See card samples at the bottom of the page.

Greeting Card Designs
All of these cards are SendOutCards cards that were created by Foreman Graphics with SendOutCards' proprietary software PicturePlus. We can show you how easy it is to create your own, real greeting cards and send them from your computer. Postcards and Greeting Cards can be vertical or horizontal. It just happens that most of our cards are vertical. There is even a unique 3-panel card available for holiday greeting letters or to use as a business brochure. Please contact us for more information and a complementary gift account. Or check it out on your computer.

SendOutCard 4-1
From 75th Birthday
Place Card, 1946


SendOutCard 4-2
Entertainers at
Rotary Pancake Breakfast, 2007


SendOutCard 4-3
Prepared for our Client
who creates Salad Cressings

SendOutCard 4-4
Card made from a
Book Cover we designed


SendOutCard 4-5
Created from one of our BrushStroke Pets


SendOutCard 4-6
Create and send postcards for business or social events --
Send one or hundreds

SendOutCard 4-7
Second card prepared for our Client who creates Salad Dressings


SendOutCard 4-8
One of our Furry
Staff Members
stealing a second bow


SendOutCard 4-9
Thank You card that went to Pancake Breakfast Committee
Renderings Logos Redesigns Cards Pets Rhymes

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