For our Strictly Business clients,
Foreman Graphics brings a sincere interest in partnering with you to create documents that not only make you and your company look good, but separate you from your competition and help you communicate better and more favorably with your current and potential clients, customers or patients.

  • Logos / Graphic Identities (Samples available.)
  • Graphic Design / Typesetting
  • Brochures -- Design & Redesign
  • Business Stationery -- letterhead, envelopes, & business cards (Stand alone or as a set)
  • No-Frills, Get-U-Up Websites
  • Ads -- for publications, newspapers, magazines, directories, etc.
  • Flyers -- Design & Redesign --for advertising and social events
  • Catalogs
  • Copy Writing / Editing / Proofing
  • Booklets / Pamphlets
  • Book Layout / Cover Design / Publishing / Etc.
  • Manuscript Transcription
  • SendOutCards -- Various levels of participation

For our clients looking for heirlooms and unique gifts,
Foreman Graphics brings you individually,
hand-created artwork with India ink on fine, Caslon water-color paper, quality color pencil on the same fine paper or a combination of ink and pencil.
  • Pen & ink (sometimes with a bit of added color) renderings of homes and commercial buildings from photographs or architect elevations
  • Pen & pencil people portraits from photographs
  • Pen & ink and/or color pencil pet portraits from photographs
  • Ink & brush outline drawings of mostly cats, but other animals as well

For our clients who need/want a place on the web,
Foreman Graphics brings you No-Frills, Get-U-Up websites, websites from templates our clients have purchased or websites from templates we purchase for our clients. Copy writing and editing are available.
  • No-Frills, Get-U-up websites
    • Generally run from 1 to 4 pages.
    • Are created with basic, hand-coded html.
    • Can be hosted by any of hundreds companies offering hosting and can be moved at your desire.
  • Websites from client-purchased templates -- If you have purchased a template and have become stuck or feel overwhelmed, we
    • Can probably help.
    • Will look at your template and your copy and tell you if we can create your site.
    • Will use basic, hand-coded html to create your site.
  • Websiites from Foreman Graphics-purchased templates -- If we purchase a template for you, we
    • Will use basic, hand-coded html to create your site.
    • Can modify the template within reason, e.g., change the main color or upload different graphics.
    • Can create graphics
    • Will use your copy or
    • Help you create copy or
    • Find someone to create copy for you.
  • Provide additional services:
    • Help obtain a domain name.
    • Help find a host.
    • Work with host to upload site.
    • Check the site on three different browsers.

For our clients wanting to stay in touch with family, clients, friends and business associates and/or wish to Change Lives One Card at a Time,
Foreman Graphics brings you participation with SendOutCards. Send REAL greeting cards from your computer for as little as $10/mo plus tax and postage.

For our clients who are looking for the written word,
Foreman Graphics brings you prose (plain text) and/or rhyming copy.

At Foreman Graphics, we love the language and have a better knowledge of how it works than most. One of our clients complimented us by saying that he liked the fact that we understand that words mean things and treat them accordingly.

When it comes to text, we can

For our clients / potential clients who are looking for something they have not seen listed, ASK. If we can't do the job, chances are we know someone who can, and we'll introduce you to that person. We invite you to check out our Links page and see if you can find the service you need.

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