Advertising Materials (Top Picks for Your Business)

Printed advertising materials are perfect tools for not only making a good first impression, but for leaving a lasting impression. We’ve compiled a list of eleven of our most popular print products to inspire your next advertising campaign.

What are print advertising materials?

Print advertising materials, or “literature,” are printed pieces that present your company’s products and services. Traditional types of print advertising can include anything from business cards and letterhead to catalogs and newsletters. Slightly more non-traditional types of print advertising materials include banners and promotional materials such as t-shirts, cups and pens.

Read on to learn about eleven of our most popular print products and when to use them for the best return on investment (ROI).

Introduce Your Business

Make a great first impression with these advertising materials.

1. Postcards

Whether you’re engaging new leads, presenting a new product, or advertising a major sale, postcards are a great way to do it. Small and affordable to print, postcards are extremely versatile printed advertising materials that can be uniquely crafted for each recipient. And, unlike other types of direct mail which require opening, postcards are effective advertising tools from the moment they land in the mailbox. Effective direct mail postcards are interesting and stand out from other items in a recipient’s mailbox.

2. Business Cards

Having a high quality printed, successfully designed business card on you does more than share your name, contact information and company name. It shows you’re prepared and professional and offers an opportunity to make valuable business connections. Business card-sized printed products don’t have to be used for sharing contact information alone. Consider enclosing a business card with a personal note on the back with your product shipments for an added touch. Business cards are printed advertising that put both you and your brand in front of additional prospects.

3. Letterhead

Often overlooked as an advertising medium, custom letterhead and envelopes add a sense of legitimacy to your printed communications with customers. Professional company letterhead is a highly effective marketing tool, especially if the letterhead design mirrors your other marketing and advertising branding. Every time someone receives correspondence from you, they’re seeing your brand logo and name, reinforcing your business reputation. A personalized letterhead that accurately reflects your brand not only impresses your customers but shows that you pay attention to detail in all aspects of your business.