Franchise Brand Guidelines

Branding extends far beyond a perfect logo and clever slogan. It’s everything from the style of writing in your businesses content to the customers experience when they walk into your store, read your catalog or view your website. Everything about what makes your franchise what it is and the experience you give your audience is your branding.

With so much included within your business’ identity, achieving and maintaining a successful franchise brand can be overwhelming and hectic. The more your company grows and the more physical locations you as a franchisor opens means consistency in quality and design needs to be upheld by each of your franchisees.

We have compiled a few brand guidelines to help your franchise in whole, become and remain impactful and consistent.

Develop Your Brand

A strong brand is the key to success and can be the positive edge against competition. The most important thing you can invest in for your business is your brand. Your brand is what creates familiarity for your consumer base, and is the showcase for everything that your franchise represents.

With so much at stake when it comes to creating the perfect brand, establishing your business’ identity needs to be handled carefully and with attention to detail.

When creating your brand think about what defines your business’ voice, what its story is, who your audience is and how will you show off the overall personality of your company. Everything from the marketing materials you use to the homepage of your website is the canvas for your business and needs to be carefully thought-out when creating the perfect brand that defines who your franchise is.

Create Guidelines Within

Your franchisee was attracted to what your franchise has to offer but that doesn’t mean they know everything that there is needed to know about your business to run a branch on their own successfully.

Creating franchise brand guidelines specifically for your franchisees is essential to maintaining your brand companywide. Think about providing them with required procedures, standards, and any other requirements that are needed to smoothly operate and represent your franchise brand. This should include clear examples including the “what to dos” and “what not to dos” within running their own branch.

Clear brand guidelines are pivotal to establish for your franchisees in order to become and remain successful. Once these guidelines are established, you are then able to expand your brand even further, while creating customer loyalty throughout your entire franchise.

When your franchisee has guidelines to follow, you can have a peace of mind that they have the necessary knowledge and understanding that is required to represent your company.