How Much Does it Cost to Print Postcards?

Postcards are perfect marketing tools for reaching your customers in a personal and focused manner while staying cost effective within the means of your marketing budget. They’re fantastic for publicizing discounts and reaching audiences on a local and regional scale.

When it comes to printing postcards with commercial printers, there are several factors that most strongly influence the price. These key factors have varying degrees of influence on the end cost of print orders for customers, but simply taking a closer look at these factors can give customers a better understanding of why these job details affect pricing.

To help develop a stronger understanding of the various cost-affecting parts of a job, we’ve broken them out into a few categories, below, that will hopefully answer any questions customers may have about why their jobs are priced the way they are.


The type of paper you choose to print on has a very heavy influence on the pricing of your print order. Most printers have a set of house stocks that they recommend using when you choose to print with them.

For Conquest Graphics, we have a “Conquest Preferred” stock that is the default option value when configuring your order on our product pages. Some of the default preferred stocks Conquest Graphics orders are a 100# gloss and velvet text, 80# gloss and velvet text, 100# gloss and velvet cover, 80# gloss and velvet cover and a 14pt C2S gloss cover. This is because we have a great majority of projects coming through our press that customers print on those stocks.

Since they are such popular paper types, we order them in bulk, and therefore they are the most economical for us to print on when it comes to printing daily. Because it’s more common, it’s also easier for us to print alongside other projects that require the same types of paper.

Choosing an irregular quantity and one of our non-preferred stocks for your paper will result in an exponentially higher price since it’s harder for us to pair with other jobs when laying out our press sheets to print alongside other projects.

Some types of paper require for us to specially order them since they’re rarely used. If we have to special order a stock, it will cost us a little more which translates to the final cost of the job for the customer.

There may also be additional time required for the special order stock to reach us for us to begin printing on it, so if you need to print on a special stock, you should be prepared for higher prices and longer turnaround times.