How Ordering Portals Help Successful Companies Order Business Cards

If ordering business cards throughout your company is simple, consistent, quick and budget friendly, you’re probably one of the successful companies utilizing the power of an Ordering Portal.

There is no denying that ordering business cards can be time consuming and requires many steps to make sure everything is consistent. And creating a business card for every single employee can be overwhelming.

This is why successful businesses take it upon a business card ordering portal to manage, create, print and order business cards for their entire company whether they have 2 locations or 200.

What is a business card portal?

A business card ordering portal or web-to-print software, is an online storefront that houses all of your business cards—and all other marketing materials—in one place for easy, consistent, affordable, and fast ordering for your entire company.

This technological marketing solution allows you to create business card templates for easy access to designs and providing a simple ordering process. Because materials and designs are housed in one interface, employees can order their business cards independently saving you time and money. While also providing you with essential management capabilities.

How does a business card portal work?

A business card portal works by creating a one stop online shop that provides self-service for your entire company.

To start, you simply input your design templates and rules including what information an employee can change, how often they can order, etc., into the portal. Your business is then ready to successfully order business cards and whatever other marketing materials are needed in marketing your company including brochures, banners and even promotional products.

The reason why successful businesses use an ordering portal for their business cards and other marketing materials, is because they know the importance of saving time, money and maintaining a consistent brand. 

The self-service aspect of an ordering portal creates a “no time wasted” side of ordering materials for you and your employees. Imagine not having to walk through steps on what regulations are needed to create consistent branding and the time that is saved when an employee can order their business cards on their own with just the click of a button? That’s what business card portals do.

Even better the approval side of an ordering portal provides you (or other chosen individuals) the power to oversee orders placed throughout your entire company.

Being able to manage access to content and editing capabilities which allows employees to personalize materials while maintaining standardization within your brand, increases efficiency during the entire ordering process.

Essentially, how a business card portal works, is each employee has access to login to the portal and place orders effortlessly while maintaining consistent branding.