Print Marketing and Direct Mailing Report

Print is not just surviving, it’s thriving

You may think that the effectiveness of print marketing has diminished due to the widespread popularity of digital marketing channels, but think again. Consumers are constantly bombarded with digital marketing, so much that they start to become blinded by the constant onslaught of web advertisements, and never-ending emails.

This has created a space for print marketing to reach customers in a more authentic and engaging fashion, through tactility. It is the tactile nature of printed material that helps customers feel more connected, more comfortable and most importantly, more engaged with brands.

“Printed material is tactile. Except for the laborious task of turning pages, dealing with something printed is almost passive; you don’t have to sit in front of a computer, type anything to search. You can hold a catalog in your hands, mark it up, put it down and pick it up again a day later. It can, and often does, stay in the house for weeks.” Geller, Lois. article.

Print marketing is a tried and true method of effectively engaging consumers and produces high returns on investment. Harnessing the power of print proves to boost the effectiveness of other marketing channels as well.

Print’s Growing Response Rate

Over the past 15 years, print marketing has seen a considerable increase in response rate. Since 2004 print marketing’s response rate has increased 14%, nearly 1% every year. Email response rates have declined by an outstanding 57% in the same time period.

Some marketers, are experiencing dramatically higher response rates with print marketing than they did in the 1980s, the height of print marketing.

The fact is, consumers receive well over 115 emails daily, many of which are automatically transferred to their spam or junk folder.

Return On Investment

The return on investment for direct mail is one of the highest of any marketing channel. For every $100 spent on direct mail, an average of $1250 is spent by consumers. That’s a 1,300% return on investment. Direct mail is responsible for acquiring more customers than email, search, and affiliate marketing combined based on ROI.

Surveys show that 70-80% of consumers will open or glance over every piece of mail they receive. 51% of consumers enjoy and appreciate receiving direct mail from local shops or organizations, creating a sense of community and belonging in their city.