The Print Marketing You Need for Getting Back to Business

As states set timelines for lifting COVID-19 stay-at-home orders, struggling businesses across America breathe a sigh of relief at the welcome respite. Many brick-and-mortar establishments had to shift their operations or were shut down entirely for a month or more, and the road to normalcy will be both long and potentially difficult.

But along with that sigh of relief, businesses everywhere also need to contemplate what the new normal means for their operations.

Unfortunately, lifting stay-at-home orders and business-related restrictions is only a first step to bringing businesses back. Customers will need to feel confident that the businesses they choose to frequent have created an environment to which they can safely return. Both saying and clearly demonstrating this to customers boosts your chances of providing the confidence your customers seek.

If you’re ready to get back to business, what can you do to boost your reopening success? To reassure your customers? To send the message that your business is doing everything it can to make the shopping experience as safe as possible for both employees and customers?

Here are the top print marketing promotional products we’re offering right now that can be ordered to help you answer these questions for your customers while hopefully easing your transition back into business.

Food Safety Seals

Give your customers peace of mind by showing them that no one has tampered with their takeout or delivery since it left your kitchen with our food safety stickers. These premium tamper-evident delivery/takeout food seals are a must-have for not only reassuring your customers but reinforcing your brand. Food safety seals can be used as a perfect branding opportunity by giving your logo and visual brand elements more real estate across your customer-facing collateral.

Our tamper-evident seals are printed on high-quality vinyl and are currently available in two rectangular sizes, perfect for holding lids shut on various sizes of takeout containers. If our standard sizes don’t fit your needs, let us know and we’ll create a custom solution for you!


Brochures are the perfect printed medium for both informing and convincing your audiences. Informational brochures can provide customers with details about your company, such as the measures you’re taking to protect them as you adhere to social distancing and reopening guidelines or a printed visual of the goods and services you provide.

Effective and useful in any industry, including the restaurant, tourism and health industries, brochures serve as convenient and highly efficient means of communicating contextual information needed to allow your clients to feel informed and confident about working with your business.

We offer thicker, high-quality preferred stock, eco-friendly printing on recycled content paper, multiple sizes and folding options, rush turnaround and direct mailing services. Learn more about brochure marketing and direct mail brochures here.